Monday, August 24, 2009

Cover Crops Explained

I was trying to come up with one simple solution for everyone and was stuggling with it, so I came up with 3 soutions. These 3 solutions will cover a broad range of gardeners. These solutions are ranked as "High Risk," "Medium Risk," and "Low Risk." Don't let the word "Risk" scare you. The only reason I use the word "Risk" is because of how hard or easy it can be to kill a cover crop. As it is with everything else the higher the risk the more the reward. A perennial cover crop will provide more benefits than an annual one. However, an annual cover crop still provides lots of benefits, so do not be afraid to start with a "Low Risk" and work your way up. A cover crop will be classified as a "High Risk" if it is a perennial and/or has a possibility to spread into your other landscapes (i.e. your grass if your garden is in or near your grass.) As I test and work with these cover crops they may be ranked as a higher or lower risk. If you are not sure which cover crop is right for you contact me or just start with the "Low Risk" crop for now.

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